Engaging immigrant audiences in museums

Monday, September 1, 2008
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Immigrant Communities
English Language Learners
Institute for Learning Innovation, Garibay Group, Georgia State University
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While many museums aim to reach underserved or non-traditional audiences, often including immigrant communities, little attention is given to understanding what is actually meant by "immigrant" and how the experience of many immigrant groups may have unique implications for museums and other informal learning institutions. This article raises key questions about the relationship between museums and immigrant communities in the U.S., the diverse and multivalent nature of immigrant groups, and important issues that museums should consider when thinking about engaging immigrant audiences--such as cultural values, use of leisure time, perceptions of learning, language issues, and intergenerational differences. The authors draw upon recent visitor studies, audience research, and collaborations between museums and immigrant communities to support common themes and address implications for museums wanting to effectively engage immigrant audiences.

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Museums & Social Issues
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