CAISE's Year in Informal STEM Education

A yearly collection of important publications, event documentation, and data.


Download the PDF of CAISE's Year in Informal STEM Education 2020.







Download the PDF of CAISE's Year in ISE 2017.


CAISE's Year in Informal STEM Education (ISE) is designed for ISE professionals, science communicators, and other interested individuals who want to discover new strategies and potential collaborators for project and proposal development. To identify potential resources for inclusion, we reach out to professional associations, institutions, and network leaders who are actively engaged in the different ISE sectors. The report is not intended to be comprehensive, exhaustive, nor to provide an endorsement.


What You'll Find


Designed as a slide presentation and divided into sectors, it can be used modularly or as a complete report. You are welcome to use the slides in your own presentations and reports.


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