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Informal STEM Community Repository

The repository is a crowdsourced and searchable database of more than 9,000 informal STEM learning project descriptions and products.

Resources often fall into the following categories:

  1. Descriptions of projects funded by the National Science Foundation, as well as other public and private funders. Projects in the collection are diverse, but can broadly be defined as engaging public audiences in informal STEM learning.
  2. Research and reference materials including field-wide syntheses, peer-reviewed articles, research briefs, grey literature, posters, conference proceedings, presentations, reports, and other products that explore the findings, contexts, and lessons learned from informal STEM learning experiences and settings.
  3. Evaluation reports that share project impacts and evaluation findings. These include submissions from professional evaluators conducting front-end, formative, summative, and other evaluation studies.  Projects are invited to publicly share their evaluation reports via to share results and help others build upon their experiences.