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CAISE Makes Full Text Of Journal Articles Available To

The EBSCO Education Research Complete database is now available to users of The database makes available abstracts for more than 2,400 journals and full-text access for over 1,000 journals. The database also includes full text for hundreds of books and monographs, and full text for numerous education-related conference papers. Topics include education, social science research and evaluation with coverage across many different informal STEM education sectors, such as science museums, aquariums, zoos and botanical gardens, nature centers, mass media, and more.

This new data service complements the more than 8,200 Informal STEM Learning resources available via the Informal Commons collection on including: project descriptions, evaluation reports, research and evaluation instruments, research and reference resources, and instructional materials. Over the coming months CAISE will be selecting and indexing relevant full-text research articles so they appear within Informal Commons search results.

The EBSCO data service is for non-commercial use and is exclusively available to registered and logged-in users of To search the EBSCO Education Research Complete database, visit On that page CAISE has also curated a list of featured topics that are relevant to Informal STEM Education.

Posted by Trevor Nesbit