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Job Opportunity

Science Education Administrator (Program Director)

Hosted By:
National Science Foundation

The Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL), within the Directorate for STEM Education (EDU), is actively seeking Program Directors with demonstrated expertise in education research or development within preK-12 formal and or informal learning environments. DRL supports innovative research, development, and evaluation of learning and teaching across all science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas, catering to learners of any age group in diverse educational settings. We specifically seek candidates with specialized knowledge in one or more of the following areas: 1) advanced technologies in education including, but not limited to, Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum, microelectronics, immersive and/or augmenting technologies; 2) computer science education; 3) education research methods; 4) equity in STEM education; 5) math education; 6) science education. 

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