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2019 AISL PI Meeting Poster - STAR Library Network (STAR Net) Phase 2

February 11, 2019 | Public Programs, Exhibitions

Building the capacity of public libraries and library staff to deliver engaging, inspirational, and educational STEM programs has the potential to transform the STEM education landscape across the country. What started in libraries some years ago as independent experiments in STEM programming has become a national STEM movement.

STAR Library Network (STAR Net) is a national program led by the Space Science Institute’s National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL). STAR stands for Science-Technology Activities and Resources. NSF funds this Broad Implementation Phase 2 program. Core partners include the American Library Association, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Afterschool Alliance, Datum, and Education Development Center. The STAR Net community of practice (CoP) has grown significantly and now includes over 8,000 members. STAR Net Phase 2 includes the following components:

  • Large & small interactive library exhibitions (hosted by 69 libraries):
  • Hands-on activities (including How-to Videos)
  • Training opportunities for library staff (e.g., workshops)
  • Outreach activities (e.g., Lights On Afterschool)


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