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A Resource Roundup of 2018: The Year in Informal STEM Education

February 27, 2019 | Media and Technology, Public Programs, Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks, Exhibitions, Informal/Formal Connections

The Year in ISE is a slidedoc designed to track and characterize field growth, change and impact, important publications, and current topics in ISE in 2018. Use it to inform new strategies, find potential collaborators for your projects, and support proposal development. Scope This slidedoc highlights a selection of developments and resources in 2018 that were notable and potentially useful for the informal STEM education field. It is not intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive, nor to provide endorsement. To manage the scope and length, we have focused on meta analyses, consensus reports, compendia, and publications that we hope will have general relevance for ISE design, research, and practice.


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    Principal Investigator
    Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE)
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    Funding Program: AISL
    Award Number: 1612739
    Resource Type: Reference Materials | Report
    Discipline: Education and learning science | General STEM
    Audience: Administration/Leadership/Policymakers | Museum/ISE Professionals | Scientists | Evaluators | Learning Researchers
    Environment Type: Media and Technology | Games, Simulations, and Interactives | Public Programs | Afterschool Programs | Citizen Science Programs | Making and Tinkering Programs | Museum and Science Center Programs | Public Events and Festivals | Library Programs | Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks | Exhibitions | Informal/Formal Connections

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