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Informal science education (ISE) is lifelong learning in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that takes place across a multitude of designed settings and experiences outside of the formal classroom. Potential informal STEM education projects encompass a wide range of experiences and platforms including film and broadcast media; science centers and museums; zoos and aquaria; digital media and gaming; science journalism; botanical gardens and nature centers; youth, community and afterschool programs; libraries; science festivals, and more. If you are working in or plan to develop a project in one of these settings you may be eligible for funding from the NSF's AISL program or other federal, local and private funders who support this type of work.
Get Oriented, Build Partnerships & More
Understand the Field, Collaborate with Community, Project Stories
State of the field, Pressing Gaps & More
Understanding Research and Integrating Research and Practice
Evaluators, Instruments & More
Working with an Evaluator, Developing an Evaluation Plan, Tools and Instruments, Reporting and Dissemination, Professional Associations
AISL-Funded Projects
Read these summaries to see what NSF AISL has funded over the years.