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Search EBSCO Resources In The Informal Commons

Through EBSCO Information Services, users have access to thousands of peer-reviewed articles and reference resources published in a wide variety of education research journals. These resources include more than 60 full-text, peer-reviewed articles about STEM learning in environments such as makerspaces, afterschool programs, and formal/informal partnerships.

To find these resources, run a search in the Research tab of On the results page, select "EBSCO" from the Content Source menu on the left-hand side of the page. Users will be prompted to log in to in order to access EBSCO and view the full text. Over time, CAISE will be selecting additional articles from EBSCO to include in the Informal Commons. Logged-in users may search and browse the entire EBSCO collection by visiting the EBSCO Journal Access page on

Posted by Kalie Sacco