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Informal STEM Education: Resources for Outreach, Engagement and Broader Impacts

May 11, 2016 | Media and Technology, Public Programs, Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks, Exhibitions, Informal/Formal Connections
Over the past ten years, investments in infrastructure for informal STEM education and science communication have resulted in significant growth in the number and variety of resources and depth of expertise available to members of the STEM research community wishing to develop outreach, engagement and broader impacts activities. This report/white paper recounts some of the developments that led to the existing synergy between Informal STEM Education (ISE), science communication, and STEM research, provides examples of infrastructure and resources that support this work, and identifies areas of opportunity to close existing gaps between the ISE, STEM research, and science communication communities.


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    Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education
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    Oregon State University
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    National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
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    American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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    University of Washington
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    Emory University
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    Lawrence Hall of Science
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    Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education
  • Citation

    DOI : 10.13140/RG.2.1.4736.3446


    Funding Program: AISL
    Award Number: 1212803
    Resource Type: Reference Materials
    Discipline: General STEM | Nature of science
    Audience: Administration/Leadership/Policymakers | Museum/ISE Professionals | Scientists
    Environment Type: Media and Technology | Broadcast Media | Websites, Mobile Apps, and Online Media | Public Programs | Afterschool Programs | Summer and Extended Camps | Citizen Science Programs | Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks | Resource Centers and Networks | Exhibitions | Informal/Formal Connections

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