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Project Descriptions

Discovering the Natural World Through Poetry at Libraries and Natural History Museums

Poets House will plan for a national project that will combine scientific knowledge with the expressive art of poetry. The planning project will lay the groundwork for a five to six city national program that will offer 1) public poetry-and-science programs at libraries and natural history museums; 2) poetry enhanced exhibits at natural history museums and libraries; and 3) self-directed learning through poetry and science resources at public libraries. The planning project will bring together experts in science, natural history museums, libraries, and poetry to share information; test-pilot public programs on both the East and West coasts, including a poetry-enhanced tour of natural history exhibits at the Oakland Museum; and determine the content, protocols and strategy for implementing a multi-city national program.


Funding Program: National Leadership Grants for Libraries
Award Number: LG-55-14-0148-14
Funding Amount: $43,478


  • Lee Briccetti
    Principal Investigator
    Poets House
  • Resource Type: Projects
    Discipline: Art, music, and theater | General STEM | Life science
    Audience: General Public | Museum/ISE Professionals
    Environment Type: Public Programs | Museum and Science Center Programs | Public Events and Festivals | Library Programs | Exhibitions | Museum and Science Center Exhibits | Library Exhibits

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