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STEM Learning Ecosystem Community of Practice

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STEM Learning Ecosystems

Launched in Denver in 2015 at an international global conference, the STEM Learning Ecosystems is a Global Community of Practice with extensive sharing of resources and expertise among leaders from education, business and industry, non-profits, philanthropy and others.

The 100+ communities selected from across the world compose a global Community of Practice and have demonstrated cross-sector collaborations to deliver rigorous, effective preK-16 instruction in STEM learning. These collaborations happen in schools and beyond the classroom—in afterschool and summer programs, at home, in science centers, libraries and other places – both virtual and physical. They spark young people’s engagement, develop their knowledge, strengthen their persistence and nurture their sense of identity and belonging in STEM disciplines. Students connected to ecosystems and the pathways they create are intended to be able to connect what they learn in and out-of-school with real-world learning opportunities, leading to STEM-related careers and opportunities.

The STEM Learning Ecosystem Community of Practice is now welcoming new Ecosystems through a rolling admission process. An outline of this process is provided below.

Application Process:

  1.  If your community is interested in becoming a part of the global STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice, please email to schedule an interview. 
  2. Community is advised of readiness to join SLECoP.
  3. Community is provided with a link to rolling SLECoP allocation.
  4. The community’s application is reviewed for community readiness to join SLECoP.
  5. A formal recommendation is made regarding the community’s readiness to join the SLECoP.
  6. Communities that are ready to join the SLECoP are announced at the following SLECoP Convening and congratulated through international, national and local press releases. 

Learn more and apply.