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American Horticultural Society's Centennial Year National Children & Youth Garden Symposium

Richmond, Virginia
American Horticultural Society

The American Horticultural Society presents their Centennial Year National Children & Youth Garden Symposium on July 13-15 2022 in Richmond, Virginia. The theme is “nature as healer, teacher, and mentor.” More information is here.

Do you work with young people in a garden- or nature-based space such as a community garden, nature center, or green schoolyard? Join us for a professional development event where we are cultivating tomorrow's gardeners by energizing, inspiring, and training today's garden educators.

Registration is open for the American Horticultural Society's 30th National Children & Youth Garden Symposium. This year's symposium will feature 45 educational sessions and inspiring keynote presentations by Rosanna Ayers of the Biomimicry Institute and Carolyn Schuyler of Wildrock Nature Play & Discovery Center.