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Calls for participation

2024 Annual Survey of Museum-Goers

Hosted By:
Wilkening Consulting and the American Alliance of Museums

The Annual Survey of Museum-Goers, conducted in partnership between Wilkening Consulting and the American Alliance of Museums, provides your museum with a cost-effective way to gain insight into your visitors and compare your institution to others in your locale, of similar type, and the museum field writ large. By participating in the Annual Survey of Museum-Goers, you will be:

  • gaining insight into your visitors, including who they are, their behaviors, and their values,
  • benchmarking your data against that of peers, especially around the 2024 themes below,
  • tracking changes in your stakeholders over time (with multi-year participation), and much more.

Once you know exactly what makes your museum meaningful to your community, you’ll be better equipped to attract more visitors, make the case for increased funding, and keep up with our rapidly evolving environment.

Learn more and sign up.