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Welcome to the Math in the Making pre-workshop forum! Between March 30 and April 8, we will be discussing a variety of issues around the integration of mathematics with making and tinkering experiences. These conversations will serve as a catalyst for discussions during an in-person workshop in late April. Although registration for the workshop is closed, we hope you will join us for this pre-meeting discussion on informalscience.org. There will also be a post-workshop online forum during which we will share the results of the workshop and engage the community in conversation about next steps.

To join the conversation, please post an introduction to the “Prompt #1: Introduction” topic thread and check in regularly for new topics and contributions from your colleagues. If you would like to know more about the Math in the Making project, you can visit the project website on informalscience.org: http://www.informalscience.org/cimble-conference-integrating-math-informal-building-learning-environments-math-making.

See you online!  


Scott Pattison, Andee Rubin, and the Math in the Making team