StoryWorld: Formative Evaluation Dashboard for English Language Learners

Monday, May 1, 2017 to Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Project Descriptions
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Media and Technology, Websites, Mobile Apps, and Online Media
Elementary School Children (6-10) | Parents/Caregivers | Educators/Teachers | Museum/ISE Professionals | Evaluators | Learning Researchers
General STEM | Literacy
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English Language Learners
Story World International Corporation
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In prior research and development, the project team developed a StoryWorld, a computer-based intervention for English Learners (ELs) that presents children oral and written narratives in English while also providing the information in their first language. With this Phase I funding, the team will develop and test a prototype of a web-based dashboard that provides EL teachers real-time reports on children's progress in areas including for vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and proficiency. At the end of Phase I, in a pilot study in three first grade classrooms, the researchers will examine whether the prototype functions as planned, is easy to use, and provides information teachers can understand and use to inform their language and literacy instruction?

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Cynthia Harrison BarberaCynthia Harrison BarberaPrincipal Investigator

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