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  • Date: 03/01/2013
    Resource Category: Reference Materials
    The 2012 Science Festival Alliance Annual Report is now available. This first-of-its-kind document provides a snapshot of activity for the SFA and its members in 2012, and it paints quite a striking picture. With 13 SFA member festivals (membership has grown since!) reporting on the over 1,600 events they produced in 2012 the numbers add up ... »
  • Date: 08/10/1989
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    "3-2-1 Contact," the nationally broadcast award winning children's public television science series, has been reaching children aged 8-12 with daily half hour science programming since 1980 with support from both the National Science Foundation and the U. S. Department of Education. In seven seasons of production, CTW has produced 225 regular and ... »
  • Date: 03/15/1994
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    WGBH Educational Foundation is producing a prime time television series and informal education outreach component entitled 'A Life of Science.' Each of the six one-hour programs in the series will profile a contemporary woman scientist: Lydia Villa-Komaroff, biologist; Melissa Franklin, physicist; Misha Mahowald, computational neuroscientist; ... »
  • Date: 09/01/2012
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    This conference project features two gatherings of scientists, science educators, and other experts, as well as the development of a web site, list-serv, and related activities. During the gatherings, participants will explore how to build state-based programs that can engage people who are incarcerated in sustainability science programming. This ... »
  • Date: 04/01/2001
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    The planning project, "Is Global Warming Just a Lot of Hot Air?," is a consortium of twenty (20) research institutions, science centers and environmental organizations which will plan exhibits and outreach programs to address climate change and its affect on communities and ecosystems of northern New England. Research scientists will work with ... »
  • Date: 01/29/2016
    Resource Category: Mass Media Article
    Today’s science centers are becoming more aware of changes in their local contexts and are concerned about playing a role in building and contributing to society. The Mechelen Declaration, resulting from the Science Centre World Summit 2014 held in Mechelen, Belgium, clearly expresses this commitment with two of its goals (SCWS, 2014): 1. “We will ... »
  • Date: 08/01/2013
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    This project develops an interdisciplinary and transformative in- and out of-school science education and technology program that engages high school aged youth and their teachers in 1) the production of food using hydroponics, and 2) the use of green energy technologies (solar, and wind) to power hydroponic systems. This distinctive program ... »
  • Date: 09/21/2004
    Resource Category: Peer-reviewed article
    A feature of the management of natural resources in the coastal zone is that it involves multiple stakeholders. It has been suggested that the effectiveness of coastal management relies on the cooperation of this multitude of stakeholders in decision-making. This study reports on the findings of an investigation into the modes of interaction used ... »
  • Date: 07/15/2007
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    A Youth-Directed Cafe Scientifique targets culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse youth ages 11-18 with a web-based program designed to engage students in active discourse on current STEM topics. Building on the adult program of the same name, this youth-centered project also provides opportunities for individual and group activities. ... »
  • Date: 01/01/2010
    Resource Category: Summative
    Science Cafes are a popular venue for engaging adults in dialogue on issues at the nexus of science and society. A few Cafe programs have been designed specifically for teens. One such program, with a focus on youth leadership and promoting life skills in youth, Cafe Scientifique New Mexico, was the subject of a summative evaluation in the Spring ... »