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  • Proton: Multitouch Gestures as Regular Expressions
    Date: 05/05/2012
    Resource Category: Reference Materials
    Proton is a novel framework that addresses both of these problems. Using Proton, the application developer declaratively specifies each gesture as a regular expression over a stream of touch events. Proton statically analyzes the set of gestures to report conflicts, and it automatically creates gesture recognizers for the entire set. To simplify ... »
  • Open Exhibits Year 1 Evaluation Report
    Date: 10/13/2011
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    During its first year, more than 1500 people signed up to be a part of Open Exhibits. Participation ranged from reading blog posts, to trying a few software modules or using Open Exhibits software to develop actual exhibition components. This report highlights findings about the emerging community and trends in Open Exhibits participation. ... »
  • Usability Testing of the Interaction of Novices with a Multi-touch Table in Semi Public Space
    Date: 07/09/2011
    Resource Category: Conference Proceedings
    Touch-sensitive devices are becoming more and more common. Many people use touch interaction, especially on handheld devices like iPhones or other mobile phones. But the question is, do people really understand the different gestures, i.e., do they know which gesture is the correct one for the intended action and do they know how to transfer the ... »
  • User Defined Gestures for Surface Computing
    Date: 05/25/2011
    Resource Category: Mass Media Article
    This paper outlines research showing a suprizing agreement in the guesability of multitouch gestures on tabletop surfaces between users. It also provides more evidence that crowd sourcing gesture mapping will lead to more complete intuitive gesture set and potential convergence into a standard gesture library. ... »
  • Experimental Analysis of Touch-Screen Gesture Designs in Mobile Environments
    Date: 05/08/2011
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    Direct-touch interaction on mobile phones revolves around screens that compete for visual attention with users‟ real-world tasks and activities. This paper investigates the impact of these situational impairments on touch-screen interaction. We probe several design factors for touch-screen gestures, under various levels of environmental demands on ... »
  • User-Defined Motion Gestures for Mobile Interaction
    Date: 05/07/2011
    Resource Category: Reference Materials
    Modern smartphones contain sophisticated sensors to monitor three-dimensional movement of the device. These sensors permit devices to recognize motion gestures— deliberate movements of the device by end-users to invoke commands. However, little is known about best-practices in motion gesture design for the mobile computing paradigm. To address ... »
  • Grips and Gestures on a Multi-Touch Pen
    Date: 05/07/2011
    Resource Category: Reference Materials
    This paper explores the interactive possibilities enabled when the barrel of a digital pen is augmented with a multi-touch sensor. We present a novel multi-touch pen (MTPen) prototype and discuss its alternate uses beyond those of a standard stylus, such as allowing new touch gestures to be performed using the index finger or thumb and detecting ... »
  • Slide Rule: Making Mobile Touch Screens Accessible to Blind People Using Multi-Touch Interaction Techniques
    Date: 05/07/2011
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    Recent advances in touch screen technology have increased the prevalence of touch screens and have prompted a wave of new touch screen-based devices. However, touch screens are still largely inaccessible to blind users, who must adopt error-prone compensatory strategies to use them or find accessible alternatives. This inaccessibility is due to ... »
  • Open Exhibits Design Summit Summary
    Date: 03/09/2011
    Resource Category: Reference Materials
    Open Exhibits held a Design Summit bringing together 30 professionals from the field to help guide future development. The Design Summit was convened in Corrales, New Mexico near the design studios of Ideum, the principal organization of Open Exhibits. It was held March 9th to 11th of 2011. Attendees came from large and small science centers, ... »
  • A Multitouch Software Architecture
    Date: 10/18/2008
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    In recent years, a large amount of software for multitouch interfaces with various degrees of similarity has been written. In order to improve interoperability, we aim to identify the common traits of these systems and present a layered software architecture which abstracts these similarities by defining common interfaces between successive layers ... »