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  • Safari Adventure Logic Model
    Date: 04/27/2015
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    Today, there exists a greater need to connect people to nature. Stemming from exploratory work into useful nature exhibit practices, the Wildlife Conservation Society aims to develop a new family exhibit–Safari Adventure–along with related programs and institutional practices, to better connect the families in our urban community to nature. This ... »
  • Case Study - Exhibit Lab: a Project of the Environmental Exhibit Collaborative
    Date: 01/01/2015
    Resource Category: Research Case Study
    The four New England museums of the Environmental Exhibit Lab (EEC) set out in the Fall of 2011 to create a replicable model of collaborative professional development for small museums. The project, Exhibit Lab (sometimes called “EEC 2”), was funded by a 3-year grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services [2011 21st Century Museum ... »
  • "Evaluating New England Aquarium’s New Strategy for Visitor Engagement: Interpreting Our Mission for a Changing World"
    Date: 11/19/2014
    Resource Category: Summative
    "In the past several years, New England Aquarium (NEAq) renewed all exhibits, built new additions, and made substantive efforts to restructure its interpretation strategies to transform the visitor experience. With support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant #MA-06-12-0143-12, the Aquarium embarked on A New Strategy for ... »
  • Further development and enhancement of a comprehensive monitoring system for animal management at zoological and aquarium institutions
    Date: 10/01/2014
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    Lincoln Park Zoo will upgrade and make freely available ZooMonitor, a scientific data collection tool, which currently exists in a pilot version, for monitoring the behavior of animals in zoos and aquariums, . ZooMonitor will contain modules for tracking animal behavior and body condition and for conducting data analysis. The zoo will also ... »
  • Formative Evaluation: Safari Adventure
    Date: 08/01/2014
    Resource Category: Formative
    The Bronx Zoo of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) engaged Randi Korn & Associates, Inc. to conduct formative evaluation and community focus groups related to a proposed exhibit, "Safari Adventure." The aim with this exhibit is to provide better connections to nature for families in our community and foster a life-long sense of ... »
  • Safari Adventure: Designing & Evaluating for Better Connections to Nature (poster)
    Date: 07/01/2014
    Resource Category: Conference Proceedings
    This resource showcases a conference poster that the Wildlife Conservation Society presented at the 2014 Visitor Studies Association Conference and the 2014 Inclusive Museum Conference, outlining the work we undertook to explore the development of a proposed new family exhibit at the Bronx Zoo, "Safari Adventure," paired with selected results and ... »
  • Visitors’ Experience of Congo Gorilla Forest 15 Years After Opening at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo
    Date: 04/01/2014
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    This analysis of visitors’ experience of the "Congo Gorilla Forest" exhibition at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo was commissioned to investigate how this 15 year old exhibition is perceived by visitors, and if things have changed since an original summative evaluation in 1999-2000. Questions of particular interest were: 1. Have the ... »
  • Mystic E-port Digital Classroom Summative Evaluation
    Date: 03/17/2014
    Resource Category: Summative
    A two stage summative evaluation was conducted following the launch of the Mystic Seaport for Educators website, the final output resulting from the IMLS National Leadership grant entitled Mystic E-Port Digital Classroom project. The results of four focus groups, conducted in two phases, found consistent results suggesting that the project was ... »
  • Jungle Trails Accountability Evaluation Report
    Date: 09/01/2013
    Resource Category: Summative
    This is an evaluation study of a new installation of interpretive signage and eight interactives in the Jungle Trails exhibition area of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. The summative evaluation is framed by the overall evaluation question: Does the Jungle Trails area facilitate learning through family interactions? To address this ... »
  • Safari Adventure Advisor Workshop Summary
    Date: 08/12/2013
    Resource Category: Conference Proceedings
    Supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the Safari Adventure Advisory Committee Workshop was held on March 11, 2013 at the Bronx Zoo, with the following experts and educators in the fields of children and nature education, hands-on and place-based learning, and digital learning: Professor Louise Chawla, ... »