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  • Front-End Evaluation, Why Concord? Exhibition, Concord Museum
    Date: 02/01/2017
    Resource Category: Front-End
    The Concord Museum contracted Randi Korn & Associates, Inc. (RK&A) to conduct a front-end evaluation of its current permanent exhibition gallery—Why Concord?—in preparation for a comprehensive reinterpretation and reinstallation of the museum’s permanent collections funded by an IMLS grant. The goal of the evaluation was to understand the ... »
  • Strengthening Networks, Sparking Change: Museums and Libraries as Community Catalysts
    Date: 01/10/2017
    Resource Category: Report
    "Strengthening Networks, Sparking Change: Museums and Libraries as Community Catalysts" combines findings from a literature scan and input from the library, museum and community revitalization fields with case studies about the experiences and vision of museums and libraries working to spur change in their communities. It describes the ... »
  • Let's Talk: A Meta-Conversation about Dialogue Evaluation
    Date: 10/01/2016
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    The Let’s Talk project examined what we know and don’t know about dialogue-based programs in museums. Through research, a symposium and an experimental graduate course, the project created a set of priorities and resources for moving dialogue work forward, developed new relationships across STEM based and cultural based museums and prepared a pool ... »
  • Northern New York Maple Project Final Evaluation Report
    Date: 10/04/2015
    Resource Category: Summative
    With support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, The Wild Center (TWC) engaged Insight Evaluation Services (IES) to assess the impact of specific outreach activities of the Northern New York Maple Project between September 2013 and September 2015. Data for this two-year evaluation study were collected via in-depth telephone ... »
  • Inspiring Minds: Capacity Building for STEM Education
    Date: 10/01/2014
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History will enhance its staff capacity and train current educational staff in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education delivery, both of which will increase its ability to deliver interpretive tours and programming around the newly opened permanent exhibition, “Inspiring ... »
  • Let's Talk
    Date: 10/01/2014
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    "Let's Talk" will bring together professionals who are engaged in facilitating, evaluating or studying dialogue in STEM and history-based institutions for a symposium in Summer of 2015 structured as a 'meta-conversation' about what we know about dialogue. The project addresses the lack of a generalizable body of knowledge about dialogue, the need ... »
  • Specimen Stories: Creating Multi-Layered Learning Experiences in a 19th Century Museum
    Date: 10/01/2014
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    Wagner Free Institute of Science will develop, prototype, and produce new interpretive tools to enhance visitor learning experiences and deepen visitor engagement with the museum's rich history, unique collections, and Victorian-era exhibit gallery of natural history specimens. Interpretive tools will include a site guide; a map of the natural ... »
  • Development and Implementation of Interpretation and Educational Programming for "Frida Kahlo's Garden"
    Date: 10/01/2014
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) will plan, implement, and evaluate educational programming for its upcoming garden-wide exhibition, "Frida Kahlo's Garden." The programming and interpretation will create an immersive, compelling, interdisciplinary learning experience that merges arts, humanities, and science themes. Programming will celebrate ... »
  • Mütter 50: A History of American Medicine
    Date: 10/01/2014
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    The Mütter Museum will develop a new interactive online exhibit that explores the important role of medicine in American history through its unique collections. In keeping with the museum's broader medical humanities focus, the online exhibit will be presented thematically in a life cycle sequence. Representative objects will include obstetrical ... »
  • Agricultural Options on the Central Kansas Plains
    Date: 10/01/2014
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    The Rice County Historical Society will create "Agricultural Options," an exhibit on farming that explores the values associated with the land and farming practices that are profitable yet sustainable. The exhibit will identify trends in farming, make connections with environmental issues linked to the land, and enhance the visitor's experience ... »