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  • Charles River Gallery
    Date: 10/01/2014
    Resource Category: Project Descriptions
    The Museum of Science, Boston will prototype several exhibit elements to be included in the Charles River Gallery, a new 3,000-square-foot exhibition gallery atop the Charles River Dam that explores the connection between the science of the natural world and that of the engineered world. The exhibits will be fabricated using the concepts of ... »
  • Taking action toward inclusion: Organizational change and the inclusion of people with disabilities in museum learning
    Date: 05/01/2014
    Resource Category: Doctoral Dissertation
    This study examined organizational change in science museums toward practices that are inclusive of people with disabilities. Guided by two overarching frameworks, organizational learning and the social model of disability, this study sought to answer the following: What are the contexts and processes that facilitate, sustain, or impede a science ... »