Reporting and Dissemination

Project leaders and staff have an increasing variety of options for disseminating the results and findings of their projects. The website provides a repository where projects can submit their abstracts, evaluation reports and research products for the field writ large to search and learn from. CAISE also invites and welcomes contributions to the News and Views area of the site [link], where project “Spotlights” model best practices and lessons learned as well as article stubs with citations on topics of importance and currency to the Knowledge Base.

For museums and science center projects, the ASTC annual conference offers session formats where project findings and products can be shared. ASTC also facilitates Communities of Practice which provide online space where project related successes, challenges and issues can be discussed.

For the evaluation community the Visitors Studies Association conference provides session and workshop formats for disseminating evaluation findings, tools and methodologies. The VSA listserv is an online space where evaluators pose questions and requests, as well as discuss common topics and issues in evaluating experiences in informal settings. 

The AAAS Trellis Public Engagement with Science Group is an online space where weekly 1-hour forums often provide an opportunity to share relevant results from informal STEM education projects.

AISL Online Project Monitoring System

The NSF Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) program requires that grantees report on their projects through the Online Project Monitoring System (OPMS), an online system that obtains information about the activities and accomplishments of AISL-funded projects. The OPMS is comprised of a series of online surveys that Principal Investigators complete at different points in time during their grant award period. The following resources are available to help navigate the process:

Baseline Survey

Annual Survey

Closeout Survey