Professional Learning Frameworks: A short review of the literature

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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Literature Review | Research | Research Products
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Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks
Museum/ISE Professionals | Evaluators | Learning Researchers
Education and learning science
Lifelong Learning Group, Oregon State University, Pacific Science Center, University of Washington
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This review is a short synthesis of some of the literature around learning in adulthood, professional learning, professional learning frameworks, and models of professional learning frameworks. Its primary purpose is to inform the development of an interview protocol for the exploration of building a professional learning framework with a secondary purpose of providing richer shared language and understanding around some of the central constructs of a professional learning framework for the informal science education community and other informal learning environments.

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Collaborative Research: An Evidence-based Informal STEM Learning (ISL) Professional Framework
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Team Members

Joe E HeimlichCo-Principal Investigator
Martin StorksdieckCo-Principal Investigator
Dennis SchatzContributor
Kris MorrisseyContributor

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