Pathways to Advanced Coursework: Factors Related to Advanced Course-Taking Patterns, Persistence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and the Role of Out-of-School Time Programs - A Literature Review (2007)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
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The Coalition for Science After School, SERVE Center at University at North Carolina at Greensboro
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In 2006 the Coalition for Science After School, under a subcontract from SEDL as part of their U.S. Department of Education grant, began an investigation of the potential of out-of-school time programs as a network of early support for advanced STEM coursework, including Advanced Placement courses and their prerequisites. This undertaking responded to research findings that math and science are "critical filters," that continuation in STEM education and careers depends on opting for sequential and rigorous courses, and that young people need messages and preparation that encouraged them to choose these courses. The project, called “Pathways to Advanced Coursework” was completed in 2007. It aimed to synthesize research regarding the factors that support participation in advanced STEM courses and what is known about the role of out-of-school time programming in promoting that participation; organize a network of leaders in out-of-school time STEM to mobilize their constituencies to take action based on the research that expanded strategies and programs encouraging young people to participate in advanced STEM courses; and serve as a source of knowledge and ongoing forum for communication in support of out-of-school time initiatives to promote young people’s participation in advanced STEM courses. As part of this effort, the SERVE Center at UNC-Greensboro prepared a background paper and literature review.

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Patricia McClurePatricia McClureAuthor
Alberto RodriguezAlberto RodriguezAuthor
Francena CummingsFrancena CummingsContributor
Karen FalkenbergKaren FalkenbergContributor
Errin M. McCombErrin M. McCombContributor

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