Call for Papers: Historical Moments in the Public Understanding of Science

May 16, 2017

Historical moments in the public understanding of science is a new rubric published in the journal Public Understanding of Science since 2016.
It consists in short, fully referenced pieces, 2000-2500 words long, and is intended to highlight the value of an historical approach when discussing the theories and practices of the communication of science in public settings.

Topics can include television programmes, films, books (scholarly or not), exhibitions, individuals or institutions. All contributions should emphasise the theoretical, or conceptual relevance of the case under examination to scholars of science in public. This rubric is an ideal outlet to distil the essence of a research, or test ideas.

Contributions engaging with non-European topics are welcome.

Finished contributions, as well as projected ones, can be sent to Jean-Baptiste Gouyon (<>), together with any questions.

Follow this link for examples of recent publications in the rubric: