Hidden Kitchens World

Monday, October 1, 2012 to Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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Kitchen Sisters Productions

The Kitchen Sisters will support the production of Hidden Kitchens World, a new multimedia series that explores life and culture through food across the globe. Inspired by the original NEH-funded NPR Hidden Kitchens series, this new on-air and online collaboration will feature stories exploring what people eat and grow, how food marks our sameness and differences, and how food culture adapts in the face of globalization, socioeconomic conditions and environmental changes. Each story will include perspectives from scholars, as well as video, music, photographs, curriculum and links to a curated library of resources relating to the themes raised within the stories. Funding from the NEH will help produce a multi-faced project featuring 8 stories on NPR, 1 hour-long radio specials distributed nationwide, 8 podcasts, research and development of a smart phone app, and a collaborative, humanities-rich website with audio, video, recipes, images and writings from around the world.

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Nikki SilvaNikki SilvaPrincipal Investigator

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