Exploring Earth Systems Science Summative Evaluation Report

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
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Climate | Geoscience and geography
Pacific Science Center
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From 2013-2016, Pacific Science Center, implemented the Exploring Earth Systems Sciences (EESS) project with the purpose of developing and delivering scripted demonstrations utilizing the Science On a Sphere (SOS) technology in order to promote understanding of and increase interest in Earth systems sciences. Specifically, the grant allowed the Science Interpretation team to research and write 20-minute presentations, targeted towards visitors aged 11 and older, about nine unique topics such as: climate change, weather, seasons, or the Polar Regions. Staff were then provided training in content and presentation skills and were able to deliver shows daily to casual museum visitors for no additional charge or to middle school classes on pre-arranged field trips. Additionally, a Rapid Response system was set up to allow for extremely quick research and dissemination of details of current events related to some of the show topics, especially earthquakes and volcanos, in order to spread awareness and understanding of globally relevant phenomena. Outcomes for the two categories of audience (visitors and staff) ranged from increasing knowledge and understating to supporting or increasing skills and the extent to which the outcomes were achieved is detailed in this summative evaluation report.

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Museums for America
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Chris CadenheadEvaluator

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