Engineering Enabling Science - A NASA GSFC Informal Education Environment Collaborative

Thursday, January 1, 2015 to Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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Project Descriptions
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Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks, Resource Centers and Networks, Informal/Formal Connections, K-12 Programs
Educators/Teachers | Museum/ISE Professionals
General STEM | Geoscience and geography | Physics | Space science
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Goddard Space Flight Center/Wallops Flight Facility
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Engineering Enabling Science - A NASA GSFC Informal Education Environment Collaborative is a collaborative relationship between and among NASA Goddard Education Office, Greenbelt and Wallops Visitor Centers, Port Discovery Children’s Museum of Baltimore, The Maryland Science Center, and Prince George’s County Public Schools Owens Science Center to leverage current and past NASA Goddard Office of Education and Science Mission Directorate and Engineering investments in Earth Sciences, Astrophysics, Heliophysics, and Planetary Science and NASA Missions. The goal of GSFC’s collaborative is to interface with a number of organizations to provide leveraging, expand their activities and to utilize NASA-related activities in a broader context than that of the individual organization thereby reducing redundancy of effort and services. Specifically, the Office of Education-GSFC Visitor Centers (Greenbelt and Wallops) will develop an integrated model for sharing and delivering high quality education services and activities based on NASA unique capabilities within a network of organizations and institutions serving the general public. The common thread across all proposed activities will be NASA-unique content that flows from the science and technology work of NASA’s Mission Directorates and its Engineering directorate, thereby demonstrating that engineering truly enables science by applying the engineering cycle to the four science themes of Earth Science, Astrophysics, Planetary Science, and Heliophysics. The products of these activities will directly relate to the Educator Professional Development (EPD) and STEM Engagement (SE) lines of business established by NASA educators, as well as showing the interactions and shared STEM learning opportunities between informal and formal education communities rather than viewing informal and formal education as stovepipes.

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Team Members

Dean KernDean KernPrincipal Investigator
Joyce WintertonJoyce WintertonCo-Principal Investigator

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