Science Outreach: Models, Methods and Measures

October 03, 2018 to October 05, 2018
The Rockefeller University
Hosted by: 
Jeanne Garbarino, The Rockefeller University; Nicole Woitowich, Northwestern University; Edwin Li, Saint Joseph’s University; Teresa Evans, University of Texas Health and Science Center at San Antonio
The Rockefeller University in New York, NY
Funded By: 
Rita Allen and Simons Foundations

Engaging public audiences in STEM is an impactful way to promote scientific literacy, and to promote the process of scientific research as a relevant, human endeavor. As such, many STEM professionals and institutions support and participate in “science outreach” as a means to achieve these goals, and to more genuinely connect science with all members of our society. Traditional models of science outreach typically centered on activities that scientists would do on the side, if time allowed. However, in more recent times, science outreach activities are often an essential component of research and academic programs, requiring significantly increased efforts that have clearly measurable impacts.

We are at an inflection point as the value -- and necessity -- of science outreach becomes fully realized, both in terms of societal impact, and as a means to gain broad support of scientific research, through funding, policy, or other relevant avenues. As the field of science outreach grows, it is important that infrastructure to support the science outreach professional community grows with it. This “unconference” will aim to provide attendees with the opportunity to actively connect and engage with others who are involved in science outreach efforts.  Through interactive workshops and discussions, attendees will work to identify strategies to streamline science outreach as a process. This gathering will strengthen the current understanding of science outreach, and provide channels to harmonize science outreach efforts at both the local and national levels. 

Who should attend this meeting? 

This ‘unconference’ will paint a representative picture for science outreach in the United States, encompassing a range of philosophies and strategies for conducting meaningful science outreach in diverse environments and settings.

We encourage the following to apply:

  • Professional ‘outreachers’
  • Scientists regularly conducting science outreach
  • Organizations that regularly sponsor STEM outreach initiatives
  • Funders of science outreach initiatives
  • Government officials with a desire to improve science literacy
  • Professionals or community leaders who have a vested interest in increasing science outreach in their communities 

Important Dates

  • February 5: open application for conference
  • April 6: Priority application submission deadline
  • May 11: Regular application submission deadline
  • June 21: Invitations for attendees distributed
  • July 9: Conference attendance confirmation deadline
  • August 1: Conference pre-work assignment distributed
  • August 24: Conference pre-work assignment deadline