31st Annual Visitor Studies Association Conference

July 19, 2018 9:00AM to July 21, 2018 6:00PM
Hosted by: 
Visitor Studies Association and Association of Midwest Museums
Chicago, IL

The 2018 VSA Conference will be held jointly with the Association of Midwest Museums (AMM) conference. With the theme of “Fostering Transparency, Strengthening Public Trust,” this year’s conference addresses the opportunity and need for informal learning institutions to strengthen their position of public trust by finding ways to maintain transparency, foster dialogue with the communities we serve, and ensure we respond to those communities authentically and responsibly, while also interrogating the ways our choices about collection, interpretation, and governance have earned—or jeopardized—the trust of many diverse publics.

For this year’s conference, AMM and VSA invites their respective memberships to work together to answer critical questions about how, across a range of accountabilities and circumstances, we can fulfill our institutional missions with renewed perspective, rigor, and courage: How are informal learning institutions uniquely positioned to leverage public trust, and what responsibilities come with that role?

To learn more about the Pre-Conference Workshops, CLICK HERE. To learn more about the Call for Conference Session Proposals, CLICK HERE.