2018 GOLD Science Communications Workshop

January 05, 2018 8:00AM to January 07, 2018 5:00PM
Professional Development
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO

NASA’s Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk, or GOLD, mission will fly an ultraviolet (UV) imaging spectrograph—designed and built at LASP—on a geostationary satellite to measure densities and temperatures in Earth’s thermosphere and ionosphere. GOLD is scheduled to launch on a commercial communications satellite in early 2018.

The 2018 GOLD science communications workshop will bring bloggers, podcasters, social media users, and other science communicators to LASP at the University of Colorado Boulder for a two-day intensive workshop with GOLD team members.

The workshop will offer a collaborative professional development opportunity for attendees to learn about current issues surrounding the exploration of the Earth’s thermosphere and ionosphere, with an emphasis on the latest—and anticipated—discoveries, as told through lectures and interaction with GOLD scientists and experts. Behind-the-scenes tours of LASP and NCAR will be provided for participants as well.

Workshop Themes

  • GOLD mission overview
  • ICON and GOLD science objectives
  • Engineering the GOLD instrument
  • Geomagnetic storm effects on the T-I system – forcing from above
  • Influence of the ionosphere on GPS operations
  • Effects of atmospheric waves and tides – forcing from below
  • What we expect the GOLD data to look like
  • GOLD as a hosted payload on the SES-14 commercial communications satellite

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