Coalition for Science After School Summit - Passing the Torch: Advancing Opportunity for Quality Science Learning - Graphic Recordings (2014)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
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In preparation for its sunset of operations, the Coalition for Science After School Steering Committee decided to organize a Summit, Passing the Torch: Advancing Opportunity for Quality Science Learning. The meeting took place in March 2014, hosted by the Exploratorium in San Francisco. An invited group of sixty leaders came together from across the STEM education, youth development, and out-of-school time communities to assess the accomplishments, challenges, gaps, and essential resources needed to provide quality STEM learning opportunities for all youth, and to pass the torch for making STEM learning vital and indispensable in a range of learning environments. CSAS established the following as goals for the Summit, which was sponsored by the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and Time Warner Cable, with additional support from the Noyce Foundation: (1) Celebrating a decade of progress in strengthening and expanding STEM learning opportunities; (2) Calling attention to critical issues around the need to ensure that all young people have opportunities for quality STEM experiences in their local communities; and (3) Stimulating ideas, strategies, and partnerships; and mobilizing collective commitments to increase opportunities for quality STEM experiences across settings. Among other meeting activities, Summit participants created and shared their own vision of STEM in out-of-school time in 2024 —ten years after the Coalition’s sunset of operations. The Summit resulted in a report, "A Call to Action from the 2014 Coalition for Science After School Summit," as well as a set of graphic recordings from the meeting.

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