A Blended Mobile Learning Environment for Museum Learning

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
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Peer-reviewed article | Research Products
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Media and Technology, Websites, Mobile Apps, and Online Media, Public Programs, Museum and Science Center Programs, Exhibitions, Museum and Science Center Exhibits
Undergraduate/Graduate Students | Museum/ISE Professionals | Evaluators
Education and learning science | History/policy/law | Technology
National Taiwan University o fScience and Technology, University of Kang Ning, National Taiwan Normal University

The use of mobile devices for informal learning has gained attention over recent years. Museum learning is also regarded as an important research topic in the field of informal learning. This study explored a blended mobile museum learning environment (BMMLE). Moreover, this study applied three blended museum learning modes: (a) the traditional museum visit accompanied by a learning website, (b) paper-based learning sheets used during museum visits accompanied by a learning website, and (c) an interactive mobile learning system used during museum visits accompanied by a learning website (i.e., BMMLE). Furthermore, the study explored the learning process through the use of each mode by museum visitors and empirically examined the differences between the learning performances and behavioral patterns of visitors. Study participants included 58 college students. A performance analysis, a behavior analysis of learners' participation on the website and a sequential analysis of the videotaped behaviors of visiting participants were conducted. The findings showed that the BMMLE proposed in this study may enable visitors to focus on the interactions between on-site exhibits and mobile learning systems and that the BMMLE may also extend the interaction period between on-site learning and the learning website, thus facilitating the implementation of the museum's learning activities.

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Journal of Educational Technology & Society
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Team Members

Huei-Tse HouHuei-Tse HouAuthor
Sheng-Yi WuSheng-Yi WuAuthor
Peng-Chun LinPeng-Chun LinAuthor
Yao-Ting SungYao-Ting SungAuthor
Jhe-Wei LinJhe-Wei LinAuthor
Kuo-En ChangKuo-En ChangAuthor

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