Backyard Safari: Phase I Pilot

Thursday, December 10, 1992 to Saturday, November 30, 1996
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Project Descriptions
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Media and Technology, Broadcast Media
Parents/Caregivers | Pre-K Children (0-5) | Elementary School Children (6-10) | Museum/ISE Professionals
General STEM
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Women and Girls
Lancit Media Productions Ltd, Multimedia Research

BACKYARD SAFARI (Working Title) is an engaging series of 26 half hour programs designed to introduce topics in Natural Science to children ages four to six. The series will be shot on-location and hosted by an appealing young women of color, who will serve as a role model to female and minority children who are normally disenfranchised from participation in science. A variety of settings and topics will be used that appeal to all preschoolers -- from urban/inner cities to surburbia to Appalachia. A special feature of the series will be an animated gnome - like character called Crinkleroot. Using the rotoscope technique similar to that in the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", Crinklroot will interact in screen with the host and special, acquired footage. Thus, Crinkleroot is able to do things the host can't do -- for example, interacting with time-lapse photography as a flower blooms, or as a spider climbs its web. Outreach to parents and childcare providers will be an important part of BACKYARD SAFARI. It is imperative to communicate that all children, regardless of race, sex, or disability are "science material." Activities will be developed that engage adults and children in hands-on, physical science activities using materials commonly found in any home or school.

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Team Members

Twila LiggettTwila LiggettPrincipal Investigator
Cecily TruettCecily TruettCo-Principal Investigator
Laurence LancitLaurence LancitCo-Principal Investigator
Barbara FlaggEvaluator

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