Art Experiences & Advancing Science Literacy Instruments

Friday, September 28, 2018
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Research and Evaluation Instruments | Survey | Interview Protocol
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Public Programs, Community Outreach Programs, Park, Outdoor, and Garden Programs, Exhibitions, Parks, Outdoor, and Garden Exhibits
General Public | Museum/ISE Professionals | Scientists | Evaluators | Learning Researchers
Ecology, forestry, and agriculture | Geoscience and geography
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New Knowledge Organization Ltd.

This set of appendices represent all research instruments related to study presented in the I/CaLL Art Experiences and Advancing Science Literacy report (NewKnowledge Publication #NSF.097.115.07).

Appendix A: Installation Site Intercept Interview Instrument
Appendix B: Artists-Scientists Walk & Talks Instrument
Appendix C: Post-Performance Event Survey Instrument

Note that researchers did not use an instrument for the fourth aspect of the study, the post-performance event reflection sessions. Instead, they allowed the discussions to be directed by the reflection participants.

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Team Members

John FraserCo-Principal Investigator
Rebecca Joy NorlanderRebecca Joy NorlanderProject Staff
Sophie SwansonSophie SwansonProject Staff
Nezam ArdalanNezam ArdalanProject Staff
Kate FlinnerKate FlinnerProject Staff
Joanna Laursen BruckerJoanna Laursen BruckerProject Manager
Nicole LaMarcaNicole LaMarcaProject Staff

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